TilingTextures.com is a growing library of free tiling textures or known as seamless textures. It is made and maintained by a designer from Europe.

Basic terms of use

What you can do with the textures from TilingTextures.com website.

  • All textures are free for commercial and non-commercial use, or otherwise mentioned in the post page of the texture (there are only a few textures with slightly restrictive Creative Commons license)
  • You are free to use the textures for webdesign, 2D or 3D computer graphics, printed material, Advertisements, Packaging, Presentations, Video, On-line content, Computer games and 3D models, Scrapbook work, Multimedia projects , Smartphone and desktop apps – both free and paid.

What you can’t do with the textures from TilingTextures.com website.

  • Use on any website, application in a complete or archived downloadable format.
  • To sell or distribute original or slightly modified images alone or in packs
  • Used in pornography, hate speech, or anything that would embarrass or defame licensor.

See detailed terms of use page.

Crediting the textures

You don’t have to credit our website for it’s textures, however it would be nice.


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