Zig Zag Woven Cotton

This zig-zag woven cotton seamless texture is taken from this cloth (in Spanish sut or tzute) made in a hip loom and originated from Almolonga, Guatemala. Zigzag lines with a brocade of cotton have been applied to the cloth. A brocade is a decorative technique in which extra threads are added to the warp and weft during the weaving itself.

A sut or tzute is a piece of clothing that can be used for various purposes: it can serve to cover the head, shoulders and arms during ceremonial ceremonies or as protection from the sun; to carry children or groceries in; to hold sacred objects and images of saints on ceremonial occasions, to keep bread, and to set tables. This garment can be worn by both the woman and the man. This particular cloth is intended for everyday use and it is used exclusively by women. The cloth is decorated with zigzag lines in the colors yellow, blue, white, red, green and pink.



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