15 Wood Textures – Free, Seamless & High Resolution

There are hundreds of websites with hundreds of seamless wood texture on the internet, but it can be a tough job to find the right one. So, if you are an interior designer or architect, who wants to do a 3D visualisation this is a the right article to find what you are looking for. Game designers or Second Life users might search for a texture for a wood cabin. A woodworker who what to make a furniture in SketchUp might need some natural material as well.
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All the textures in this article and website are seamless textures also known as tiling or repeating textures. Once the textures are tiled you can’t really see the repeating nature.

Usage rights

All textures in this article are free for commercial and non-commercial use. What you are not allowed is to provide the texture as it is on any website, application in a complete or archived downloadable format, and to sell or distribute original or slightly modified images alone or in packs.

1.  Exterior wood paneling

This texture is ideal for the rendering of a luxury house covered with this warm orange wood paneling.

wood wainscot - seamless texture

2. Wood planks fence

Treated pine tree as wood fence.

Wood planks fence

3. Exterior cabin wainscot

This is a rough looking drop siding style wainscot of a cabin house.

Exterior cabin wainscot - seamless texture

4. Burnt floor seamless wood texture

Burnt wood, charred wood or carbonised wood is  a technique that adds contrasty texture to wood. Similarly the below texture is a slightly flamed wooden flooring seamless wood texture.

Burnt wood floor

5. Wood planks facade cover

Structure covered with grey, aged & weather planks

Wood planks facade cover

6. Worn wooden wall

Worn wooden wall or fence, separating structure, with gaps between the planks

Worn wooden wall

7. Exterior painted wood paneling

Blue painted outdoor wood paneling

Exterior painted wood paneling

8. Exterior wood planks

Painted wainscot with nails in it.

Exterior wood planks - seamless wood texture

9. Planks wall glazed with red paint

Planks wall glazed with red paint

10. Wooden board structure

Wooden board structure - seamless texture


11. Light cork board

Office cork board

Light cork board


12. Dark cork board

Dark cork board - seamless texture


13. Bamboo woven basket

Bamboo woven basket - seamless texture


14. Braided ratan

This braided ratan structure looks very similar to braided corn husk. so it is ideal for 3D interior renderings of fences, separating structures, baskets or other braided objects.

Braided ratan - seamless texture


15. Exterior wood paneling

Smooth lacquered garage door wood paneling

Exterior wood paneling - seamless texture

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