Relief plaster with gravel chips - seamless texture

23 Free Seamless Plaster Textures

Seamless plaster textures are must have assets for 3D modelers. In MMORPGs like Second Life or Sims players like to create buildings and texture them as they wish. Architects and 3D modellers in Google Sketchup, 3Ds MAX, Maya and other software are always looking for fresh surface textures for their buildings and plaster textures are one of them. Most of these textures color can be easily changed. Bump maps and other maps can be created easily as well.

All the textures in this article and website are seamless textures. For instance, when you open the texture in a new tab you can press the TILE button on the top right corner. In this way you can see the quality of the texture. If you like it than you can download in the desired size.

Usage rights

All textures in this article are free for commercial and non-commercial use. What you are not allowed is to provide the texture as it is on any website, application in a complete or archived downloadable format, and to sell or distribute original or slightly modified images alone or in packs.


These type of finishes have a rougher surface and are used mostly on the outer part of the buildings and structures.

1. White rough plaster wall

This plaster wall is a good starting texture for your 3D architectural rendering of an exterior wall. It can be easily colored.

2. Rough plaster wall

Maybe this is not even a wall finish but it could be.

3. Bumpy structured concrete

This bumpy structured concrete wall is made by casting and it is full of a multitude of rhomb bumps, which protrude in relief.

4. Exterior Coarse Gravel Plaster

Another exterior wall finish with a coarse gravel plaster. Another important base texture for your Sketchup project.

5. Facade cement plaster with fine gravel

A uniform, medium sized gravel and pebbles sprinkled on plaster.

6. Plaster wall with pebbles

Relief plaster with medium sized gravel. It is one of the most commonly used as an exterior wall finish.

7. Relief plaster with gravel chips

This monochrome plaster texture has small grey, black and white gravel on it.


8. Decorative grainy cement wall

This exterior wall was covered with finely grinded white and yellow colored gravel.

9. Red sparkling background with white dots

This sparling & shimmering wall texture is kind of extravagant.

10. Decorative acrylic plaster

This decorative finish has a rust feeling to it, black and white grains on a brown surface.

11. Brown cement

Cement wall with small brown black and white gravel.

12. Plastering with fine grained pebbles

This plastering wall texture has small grainy gravel of different colors, mainly black and white. It is a must have texture in your collection of textures for structure renderings.

13. Marble stone grain decorative wall

Black and white gravel on a warm grey background.

14. Warm sandy plaster

Soft sand like surface with warm tones.

15. Grainy marble stone

Warm coloured grainy marble with black, white dots on ocher base.

16. Gravel decorated exterior plaster

Plaster wall texture with small brown and white pebbles and sand. Ideal for architectural renderings, digital wallpapers.

17. Colourful pebbles plaster

Gravel decorated exterior plaster wall texture with very small pebbles.
The pebbles colour are mostly green, orange, white and black. Ideal for architectural renderings of building’s exterior walls.

18. Mud wall with straw

This texture can be used in architectural renderings for building walls using organic material, like a straw bale house with a mud finish.


The textures below are much softer and doesn’t contain coarse gravel or pebbles.

19. Decorative stucco plaster

This decorative stucco plaster texture has visible traces of  the finishing trowel.

20. Non-uniform concrete wall

Non uniform stainy but smooth surface concrete wall. It was probably molded than polished.

21. Facade scratch plaster

A beautiful warm ochre scratched plaster with vertical scratch lines.

22. Smooth warm concrete surface

Slightly porous concrete wall with warm tones

23. Grainy decorative plaster

This grainy decorative plaster finishing feels almost like handmade paper.
The speckles of dark spots makes this texture like an inverted starry night.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, than you can visit Sketchup Textures website. They also have quality textures and plenty of them.

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