20 Brick Wall Texture Free for Commercial Use

Brick wall textures are one of the most in demand texture put there. Whenever you need it in your to render a building’s exterior wall in your 3D software, texturing a wall in your game design or simply as a backdrop in your graphic design project a nice red brick wall is always come handy. Having multiple brick wall textures help you choose the one you are looking for. Some brick wall textures are highly decorative, some are deteriorated with a grunge fell. There are many shades of red brick but there are even colorful or white bricks in the brick texture collection below.

All the textures in this article and website are seamless textures also known as tiling or repeating textures. Once the textures are tiled you can’t really see the repeating nature.

Usage rights

All textures in this article are free for commercial and non-commercial use. What you are not allowed is to provide the texture as it is on any website, application in a complete or archived downloadable format, and to sell or distribute original or slightly modified images alone or in packs.

1.  Dark red brick wall

This red brick texture would look good on a 3D model of a rustic house, but it has a feeling of industrial.

Dark red brick wall

2. Stained brick wall

The decorative red brick wall texture below has black stains here and there

Stained brick wall

3. Painted red brick wall

Somebody wasn’t happy with the redness of this wall, so he painted totally red.

Painted red brick wall

4. Multicolored stone wall

I never saw such a colorful brick wall in my life, but it looks quite interesting. This wall has different shades of red, orange, yellow, blue and ochre bricks.

Multicolored stone wall seamless texture

5. Decorative brick wall

The seamless brick texture below is definitely for decorative use. Arrangement of the bricks are quite playful. Bricks has different shades of red brown and purple.

Decorative brick

6. Old concrete brick wall

This grey concrete brick has white round fungus on it.

Old concrete brick tileable texture

7. White painted brick wall

Another white painted soft brick wall. This one has quite a big contrast.

White painted

8. Weathered old brick wall

Very old irregular dark brick wall. This texture is quite big, so it is ideal for big surfaces like building’s firewall.

Weathered old wall

9. Warm brown yellow brick wall

Brick wall texture with red and ochre bricks with white concrete filling.

Warm brown yellow tiling texture

10. Rustic red decorative brick wall

High contrast bricks with strong relief .

Rustic red decorative brick seamless texture

11. Colorfull old brick wall patina

Huge brick wall texture with lots of details. It has a lots of different shades of brown, red and creamy colors.

Colorful old wall patina

12. Brick wall with rough details

The brick texture below has firelike burning red shades and it’s surface has cracks and ridges.

Brick wall with rough details

13. Masonry red brick wall

This warm orange brick wall has a very soft feel.


14. Brown brick

Uniform brown brick wall texture.

Brick wall

15. Old brick wall

Brick wall seamless texture with high level of details. Different sized bricks laid roughly unevenly, without plaster. Ideal for architectural renderings or 3D game developments.

Old brick wall

16. Smooth decorative brick wall

Smooth perfect orange faux brick wall texture.

Smooth decorative brick wall

17. Decorative red brick wall

Another faux brick red brick wall pattern for decorative purposes.

Decorative red brick wall

18. Slit brick

This is an unplastered slit brick wall with different shades of bricks.

Slit brick

19. Decorative orange brick wall

The wall below has a quite interesting burn marks on some of it’s bricks.

Decorative orange brick wall

20. Rectangular warm wall tiles

This is brick looking tiles are glazed in different shades of yellow.

Rectangular warm wall tiles

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, than you can visit Sketchup Textures website. They have plenty more texture.

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