Natural round stone wall seamless texture

16 Stone Wall Texture – Free, Seamless and High Resolution

Stone wall textures are needed mostly in gaming  and architectural renderings. Generally this set of textures contain outdoor stone textures, which can be used in finishings of the outer wall of a house for example or as a texture of fences. Inside of a building we have a more decorative stone textures, which are used for cladding of fireplaces or floors and other type of walls. In addition there are some old stone wall textures of churches and other old buildings, which are ideal as fantasy art material.

All the textures in this article and website are seamless textures also known as tiling or repeating textures. When the textures are tiled you can’t really see the quality.

Usage rights

All textures in this article are free for commercial and non-commercial use. However you are not allowed  to provide the texture as it is on any website, application in a complete or archived downloadable format, and to sell or distribute original or slightly modified images alone or in packs.

1. Natural round stone wall

This wall is built with different size of medium and large round stones. This is because they were shaped naturally by rivers.

Natural round stone wall

2. Mixed size rectangular stone wall

A mix of grey red and brown rectangular and square stones laid on each other with finished mortar between them.

Mixed size rectangular stone wall

3. Warm rectangular stone wall

Mix of grey, brown and ochre colored rectangular stones. Therefore it is ideal for renderings of interiors, because of it’s decorative look.

Warm rectangular stone wall

4. Multicolored stone wall

A stone wall, which looks like brick wall. No mortar between the stones, just layed on top of each other.

Multicolored stone wall

5. Old stone wall

Ancient warm toned stone wall with hand chiseled pieces mixed with natural ones.

Old stone wall

6. Mixed color wall

Natural wall built with hand chiseled irregularly shaped stones. It has different shades of beige, white, ochre. So it is ideal for architectural renderings of houses.

Mixed color wall

7. Stone wall with mortar

This is a nicely puzzled wall. The stones have mortar between them. It has different shades warm grey.

Stone wall with mortar

8. Warm and soft wall with irregular stones

This seamless wall texture consists of irregularly shaped flat stones of different sizes, nicely grouted. It has light colour tones of ochre.

Warm and soft wall with irregular stones

9. Shattered marble arranged as mosaic

Irregularly shattered dark green marble slabs with concrete filling. Of course polished.

Shattered marble arranged as mosaic

10. Grouted natural stone

Natural stone wall of a tall house with decorative grouting.

Grouted natural stone

11. Marble stone grain decorative wall

A mix of small black & white marble gravels with dominant warm grey pebbles.

Marble stone grain decorative wall

12. Multicolor slate wall cladding panels

In interior spaces slate wall cladding panels are often the best choice as decorative covering specially around and above fireplaces. Interior designers like to create feature wall backdrops in restaurants. Therefore architects use it also as covering of exterior walls or decorating brick walls. In particular it has different shades of grey like orange, red, ocher on the warm side and blue, green on the cold side.

Multicolor slate wall cladding panels

13. Wall with rectangular granite blocks

This wall with roughly processed rectangular granite blocks seamless texture consist of similar sized stones. The filling between them is dark, as a result the contrast is high.
Historical buildings also have walls made out of stone.

Wall with rectangular granite blocks

14. Multicoloured wall with irregular stones

This dry stone wall  has a large variety of warm shades from red to ochre. However it has a few bluish tinted grey stones as well..

Multicoloured wall with irregular stones

15. Irregular old stone wall

This wall consist of stones of different sizes and shapes. Similarly the mortar filling is also irregular.

Irregular old stone wall

16. Rectangular stone wall

Finally the last on in this list, a rectangular stone wall, which contains different rectangular and square sized stones in warm and cold colour tones. It has concrete filling.

Rectangular stone wall

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